Theresa Neff & David Rainwater

Peak Season V: A look into the future

David Rainwater, Sales Manager of Pacific Northwest, and Theresa Neff, Sales Manager of Northern California Division, return to share the latest news regarding congestion and supply chain disruptions. Although the spot market and...


History of GSC’s Intern Program

In 2021, GSC Logistics and Cal Maritime began collaborating to bridge the gap between education and experience. An internship program was developed and launched, the first of its kind at GSC. Brian O’Farrell, one of the first...


Transloading and the Power of Proximity

Transloading and the Power of Proximity Theresa Neff: Hi, it’s Theresa Neff with GSC Logistics and I’m here today with Marqus Coleman, our Vice President of Transload Operations, how are you today, Marqus? Marqus Coleman:...


The Supply Chain and the effects of Fuel

Theresa Neff:  Hi, I’m Theresa Neff and I’m here again today with our Senior Vice President of Strategy Joe Zepko. How are you today Joe? Joe Zepko:  Hey, Theresa, I’m just doing fine. Thanks for asking, Theresa Neff:...

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