Dominating Northern California

GSC began its Northern California operation in 1988 and has since grown into the largest service provider in the area. No one matches us in capacity. Because of our strong relationships with the Port of Oakland, ocean carriers and rail service providers we have more pull and are one of the first adopters in any new services which are of benefit to you.


We have increased our staff and continually grow are operation. We are well recognized by hiring and rewarding the best in the industry.


Employees and driver satisfaction

Happy employees allow us to hire and keep the best in the industry and . GSC rewardss our employees with career advancement opportunities. Our years of service with GSC in Northern California averages ?? Because of oOur technology and operational communications, we help help our drivers to achieve maximum efficiencies allowing them to have better turn times which results in and increase their profits.


Corporate Office

530 Water Street, 5th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607


T (510) 844-3700 or (800) 366-2769
F (510) 844-3808