Purpose. Duty. Commitment.

GSC Transportation Inc., a division of GSC Logistics, provides over the road intra and interstate services to our customers nationwide. 


Need cost savings nationwide?

Our drivers are well-trained in safety, asset protection and product quality, to eliminate your time spent troubleshooting so that you can focus you’re theso that you can focus on requirements of your end customers. GSC’s attention to detail also helps eliminate unexpected costs. assure you have the best possible deliveries to meet your customers’ needs. 


Our Over the Road Services include:

  • A fleet of dry and refrigerated trailers, with G.P.S. security units.
  • Four axle tractors and four axle trailers for overweight services throughout the P.N.W.
  • U.S. Customs bonded transportation.
  • Smart Way Transportation Partner.
  • Hazardous Materials licensed with trained drivers.
  • Driver monitoring through Mobile Comm.


Reduce Time and Costs:

  • All pricing is tailored to our customers' requirements.
  • Fully integrated E.D.I. communications and reporting.
  • Driver communications and route updates through Mobile Comm.Customized reporting